Tuesday, July 29, 2008


City: Magnitude: Date:
Diamond Bar, CA 3.8 11:51 AM PDT 2008-07-29
Yorba Linda, CA 3.8 11:51 AM PDT 2008-07-29
Diamond Bar, CA 2.7 11:48 AM PDT 2008-07-29
Chino Hills, CA 2.8 11:47 AM PDT 2008-07-29
Chino Hills, CA 5.4 11:42 AM PDT 2008-07-29
Barstow, CA 3.1 5:04 AM PDT 2008-07-29
Ensenada, Mexico 2.9 5:28 PM PDT 2008-07-27
Minimum magnitude displayed is 2.5. For more information, visit USGS.

MSN Map of Earthquakes


Ok so California is shaking again. At 11:42:15 am there was a 5.8 (later downgraded to a 5.4) earthquake based in Chino Hills, CA which is about 35 miles northeast of us. I was upstairs doing my Jane Fonda Strength & Toning work out (you know the drill - 'knees bent, hips tucked under, chest lifted, shoulders down, we don't want shoulders for earrings', oh wait that's the Mari Windsor line, I digress, 'chin tucked in, nice & gentle stretch, right ear to shoulder, just to the point of gentle tension, we're not in it for pain, etc...') while Eric was working downstairs on endless reports. Our landlord Leonard & his friend Craig were working outside with ladders, sanders and assorted tools making those productive noises that show home improvement progress being made. Suddenly everything started rattling, the pottery on the TV stand started walking and I thought they were going to take a dive. I could hear Leonard dancing around on the roof and thought - 'man he's awfully heavy footed, he's going to fall off!' Eric on the main floor spent a nanosecond trying to determine 'what crazy aerobic workout is Christy doing now?' before he figured it out and hollered - 'did you feel that earthquake?' I said 'I thought it was just those guys on the roof being clumsy'. But no! The chandelier was swaying and everything throughout the condo was being rearranged through powers greater than mere mortals can create. No damage here though! Just a brief reminder that we live on an earthquake fault. SO BEWARE tectonic plates and all that science stuff that rules our world!

I asked Leonard what his thoughts were on being on a steeply pitched roof of a three story building when the world started rolling - 'I was just worried that I was in for an E ticket ride!'

Saturday, July 26, 2008


Amy, Kate, Cathy, Ann & I had a lady's night adventure at the OC Fair this week. The girls wanted to see the animals and eat fair food without the distraction of children. Thanks for letting me tag along and take pics!

There were chicks, pigs, goats, cows and other barnyard beasts.

But out of all of the different animals we saw Kate was most excited to see the hairless rat.

We sampled fried zucchini, Australian fries and cinnamon rolls. Other more adventurous folk had fried Twinkies & fried Spam - if you fry it they will come!

Amy in a bowl of Macaroni & Cheese at the Cheese Pavillion. Eat your heart out Chelsea!

We also checked out the Craft House where in addition to amazing quilts, table decor and the like, there were multiple Flamingo collections! Who knew I was part of a national craze!


Cassy, Karen & Janet

We had a wonderful evening starting with dinner in Laguna Beach at the White House and then enjoying the Pageant of the Masters. It's pretty incredible how they have created a technique for making 3-dimensional people look like flat images in a painting. If you ever have the chance, check into it. You'll struggle trying to figure out how they do it. Even when they show you, it's hard to fathom.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's Just Who We Are And How We Do Things

Six months ago I heard an invitation for LDS people to share their experiences and testimonies through the internet. In this last month's church magazine the invitation was reprinted and I wanted to add my voice to the chorus. (see article)

I think it's great when we can use the computer as a 'town square' to talk about how the gospel of Jesus Christ is part of our day-to-day lives. I'm trying to be aware of how closely connected we all are to loving Heavenly Parents who are interested in what's going on in our daily lives and who want us to be successful. Seeking light through positive experiences and finding joy no matter what happens makes my journey through life better.

Scout Day Camp

Don't tell anyone, but I really had a great time at BSA Day Camp yesterday. The activities were perfectly suited for the eleven eight year olds I joined at the Camp Pendleton-Las Pulgas camp. It was so much fun watching the boys enjoy all that was offered; they panned for 'gold' and 'gemstones', they shot BB guns, they climbed a rock wall and they hammered and banged into existence their very own tool boxes. All in all it was a great day!


I've researched, I've debated, I've procrastinated, I've arrived. Here I am blogging for all to see. After stalking many a blog I've determined that it's pretty fun to quietly observe what's going on in the lives of family and friends who are keeping up with everyone else by posting updates on the doings of life. I hope to be interesting, entertaining at times and let you know what is happening in our wonderful SoCal world. Be sure to post responses now and then! I'd love to know who's out there watching. ttfn