Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year's Day

New Year's Day and Football! What more can I say? It's a tradition. It involves food, family and fun. If you don't like the game, you just visit and eat and catch up on sleep. We watched the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl. The games were so-so but the time together was wonderful. Muchas gracias to Larry & Kathleen for hosting our family and for the lively conversation.

I even caught a bit of the Rose Parade in the morning, life is good!

Jensen Jollies

We enjoyed an evening with Larry & Kathleen and their children. Nate, Ginny and their three children were visiting from Japan so the combined antics of the seven grandchildren was magnified. The three older boys love to laugh and spent the evening giggling together while the two girls enjoyed their five year old playtime immensely. The two youngest received loving attention as well.

Kohner's Guinness Book of World Records led to a video of The World's Most Flexible Men which filled the evening with familial competition of the contortionist kind.

New Year's Eve

On New Year's Eve we enjoyed a scrumptious feast with the Turks at Red Ginger Bistro, a sushi restaurant on State Street and 33rd South. It had a great selection with half price sushi, and dollar sashimi & nigiri.

Check out this talented 2 1/2 year old and her chopstick skills!

Condo Cleanup

While Grandma Hazel recuperates from a fall and subsequent back surgery, the family spent several days clearing, cleaning and preparing her condo for the next phase of life. If she chooses to return, it will feel fresh and invigorating and be easier for her to maneuver. Kudos to the family for their help!
Michael introduced his pet to Keileigh & Luke but the jury is still out on the roommate status of the snake Grandma Hazel dubbed Monty Python.

Dinner with Clark & Christie

Braving the snow and treacherous driving conditions we headed to Park City and dinner with Clark, Christie, Patrick & Olivia. We had an enjoyable evening eating, visiting and renewing familial bonds.
What do you think? Do Olivia and Maebe look alike?
Peering through these trippy glasses made light appear to be dancing angels!

After dinner we visited while Christie & Olivia entertained us with interchangeable arms.

Christmas Eve Traditions

We met Keileigh & Luke at the mouth of Parley's Canyon where they opened poppers from Aunt Christie then we spent our traditional Christmas Eve with the Kremer & Hughes families. It's good that at least once a year we have a chance to catch up on the events of the siblings, cousins and assorted kin and see the growth in the rising generation.

Grandpa Joe left his Night Before Christmas storybook at home but recited it by heart with only a few forgotten passages.

At the Turks home, we enjoyed sharing the real Christmas story with Maebe. As Sage read from Luke 2 & Matthew 2, Maebe added the pictures to this flannel board that has been in the Kremer family since the 1960's and is stained with smoke from the Samoan fire of 1969.