Friday, March 2, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Working Family

This past week the family gathered in SLC to help Rachel & Sage remodel their basement.  A few days after I returned from Utah I read this Ensign article and felt the confirming power of it's message - the family that works together gains strength as a family unit.  Sure the Turks could have hired contractors for everything, but in the tradition of a bygone, barn-raising era, we gathered together and created lasting memories.

My job was often to keep the children entertained (a job joyfully shared by many).
My visiting teacher Tess Wade also shared a profound thought that has resonated with me.  The Eyre's, an LDS couple known for their work and promotion of the family, stated that there are three types of families - Family-focused, Church-focused and Christ-centered.  Sister Eyre said they had been in the first category, focused on building a bond of unity among their children.  The second group focuses on service within the kingdom, while the third group focuses their children and efforts toward Christ.  This is the eternal goal for which we should strive.