Sunday, July 11, 2010

Northwest River Festival

At the second annual Northwest River Festival a small but appreciative audience gathered under the hot summer sun to enjoy music from local artists, Luke Williams and Julia Mecham.

Keileigh's 20th & Logan Pics!

Our baby is 20 and we spent a week celebrating the Big Event! Shopping trips to Urban Outfitter and fun decor for her new Logan home (see pics below). We had dinner at Cheesecake Factory one night and continued to celebrate with a BBQ and Bees Baseball Game later that week. Marking the milestones of life is a great way to spend family fun time!

Keileigh with Logan friends Cami & Riley

Is the Cheescake Factory wait worth it? Keileigh and Luke had to go two hours early just to get on the list! Consensus? Food OK, family memories, priceless!

Random photos from Logan - Keileigh's home for 2010-2011, as well as local scenery to remind us of why we love Cache Valley so much!

Supportive Friends & Family & Spiritual Experiences

I have awesome friends and family! Even though we own two homes in SLC, they have tenants and during my time in Utah I needed a place to stay. The first few days I stayed with my Dad which was great, I could come home to a nice meal and a gracious host. For the next few days I house sat in Draper at my brother & sister-in law's home. It was quiet so I could work uninterrupted on my homework each night and had Wi-fi so I could access all of my classwork, however the drive was long, and one morning I woke up to a blizzard and drove through white out conditions on I-5 from the point of the mountain; after that I knew it was time to move closer to town. I spent a few fun nights with Drew and Noelle in the Village and was able to give the van to Keileigh so she could get to work at her new Swim Kids job at Dive Utah. I learned how to ride the U shuttle bus system which is handy knowledge to have and I appreciated the one-on-one time with knowledgeable U of U patrons!

For the rest of my time I stayed in the Parc Gateway Condo of our Capo 1st Ward friends, Jon & Angi. It was wonderful! The view was great, there were fun activities going on in the courtyard (Thursday night jazz concerts, chalk festival, early morning televised contests and way too many cute kid singing groups-including I later found out our friends the Watson family). I was able to take Trax to and from school each day (Keileigh was happy to keep 'the Bean' and I didn't have to worry about parking on campus) I could study as late as I needed (usually midnight) and arise early(5:30 am) and start over again without bothering anyone. It was a wonderful blessing!

I had many interesting experiences downtown. They are rebuilding everything and it's really fun seeing SLC Rising! On Saturday morning I had a class on campus and went down to catch the University Traxline. That morning as I said my prayers I had a distinct impression that something would happen and that I would be safe. I arose feeling calm but wondering what might happen.

As I waited at the stadium station the Sandy Trax came and the few other people on the platform boarded. Toward the back of the trains I noticed a shirtless man gesturing wildly and yelling profanities at the top of his lungs. He continued to yell and vent and chased the train as it took off down the tracks. I glanced around and noticed that I was the only person left at the station with the increasingly agitated man. He continued his rant but I noticed that a bundle of clothing had been placed nearby which he went to and began to wildly put on his shirt. I realized that he must have been escorted off the train. He came over in front of me and began a diatribe against Salt Lake City, comparing it to his hometown of St Louis. He continued to parade back and forth on the platform always stopping in front of me, grateful to have an audience to hear of the injustices of a city that would throw a man with schizophrenia from public transportation. I nodded gently in agreement, but felt impressed not to engage him in conversation, my purpose was to just be there so that he would have someone to share with. I thought as he wildly gesticulated that this could be bad and yet I felt at peace; the thought that came to mind was the scripture when Jesus walked through the midst of the angry crowd and they could not see him (Luke 4:28-30). I knew that if need be that I would not be visible to this man. This went on for a while, him spouting and strutting, but eventually he made his way down to the corner and I saw him cross the street and head east. About this time a white UTA van pulled up near the station and began to follow him down the street, keeping an eye on his behavior and whereabouts; obviously the situation had been phoned in and backups had been dispatched to the scene.

post script: The following night I was driving back to the condo with Keileigh and Riley when we passed the homeless shelter and lo and behold walking down the middle of the street was this same man. His behavior was much different, he appeared very subdued and obviously medicated. I was reminded of my prayer and shared the promises of protection that were extended to me.

FCS Child & Healthcare Class

One of my classes was Child & Healthcare. It was taught by Tony Smith, a Child Life Specialist at Primary Childrens Medical Center. Understanding the different developmental stages of children is important so that if they are hospitalized their needs can be met based on their social, emotional and cognitive abilities.

Our final class project was a carnival. Each team had to create age appropriate activities for their assigned group based on their learning level. We had pet rocks, twister, bubbles, infant massage, marshmallow shooting guns, relay races and duct-tape wallets. It was a lot of fun!

Ron Tongaonevai was a classmate who plays football for the U (#59). The children decorated mini-rockets (film canisters) and then catapulted them into the air using alka-seltzer.

David Foster is from SoCal (El Toro HS) and plays on the U basketball team. Their project had a sports/arts & crafts theme. When Maebe first saw David she ran, a common occurrence according to him! When I told her that David was my class friend and asked if she wanted to meet him, she nodded yes. It took her a minute but she eventually warmed up to this great young man.

Marvelous Maebe

The benefit of being near family is evident when you spend memory making moments with the Marvelous Maebe. Thanks Rachel & Sage for letting me babysit while you went plant shopping. It is so fun to be drawn into the small pleasures of a 2 1/2 year old enjoying life.

Utah Moments - Draper, Utah Hike

I'm finally editing pictures from my recent Utah sojourn. In early May we went on a Sunday hike in Draper near the LDS Temple. Amazing how beautiful it is in the Corner Canyon area. Thanks Kathleen and Larry for letting me house sit while you were in Germany, I loved reconnecting with my childhood roots.