Friday, April 17, 2009

Letter to John Huntington, Vocal Instructor

Thank you for the wonderful vocal workshop, I have benefited from the time I have spent under your tutelage. I am especially grateful that last night you spent time during our half hour before OCMCO practice getting us sufficiently warmed up and focused in our singing.
I wanted to share my experience during the breakout session with Brandon placing us in formations that worked. He gave a long lecture on singing in our head voices and not our chest voices. He then had us start singing as he walked up and down the four rows of altos. He did some tweaking on the first row and then proceeded to the second row where I stand at the end. As he passed by me he did a slight double take and said 'you're singing in your head voice.' Nothing more, no 'way to go, good job, it's about time, whatever', just a little acknowledgment that I was DOING IT RIGHT! Wahoo! It made my night to receive that little thumbs up that said to me that finally I am beginning to make the progress necessary to contribute positively to the choir sound.
And obviously I couldn't have done that without the workshop and your willingness to share your vast reservoir of knowledge with us a teaspoonful at a time. As you said - 'this is a different group from the one that started back in the fall.'
Thanks for your devotion and talents,